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Friday, March 16, 2012

Brzezinski on Europe & the U.S.

"The EU could have combined global power with global systemic relevance but, since the final collapse of their empires, the European powers chose to leave the more costly task of maintaining global security to America in order to use their resources to create a life-style of socially assured security (from the cradle throughout early retirement) funded by escalating public debts unrelated to economic growth."  (italics ours)

"The uncomfortable truth is that the United States' public has an alarmingly limited knowledge of basic global geography, current events, and even pivotal moments in world history...

"That level of ignorance is compounded by the absence of informative international reporting readily accessible to the public.  With the exception of perhaps five major newspapers, local press and American TV provides very limited news coverage about world affairs, except for ad hoc coverage of sensational or catastrophic events.  What passes for news tends to be trivia or human-interest stories.  The cumulative effect of such widespread ignorance makes the  public more susceptible to demagogically stimulated fear..."

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